23 May 2015

Gala Concert “Allies of the Great Victory. Musical Story”, which is the part of the International Project “Culture beyond borders“ under the Patronage of UNESCO. UNESCO, Room I, 26 May 2015, 19:30.


     Since January 2013 S. Mikhoels International Cultural Center and International Foundation  for National Culture “UNITY” with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of  Russian Federation have held international project "Culture Beyond Borders" under the patronage of UNESCO.

During this period the gala-concerts and other activities of the Project were performed with a great success in 23 cities of Russia, France, USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Georgia, Romania, Ukraine and Israel.

   Many political figures were acknowledging the socio-political and international importance of Projects, organized by the S. Michoels International Culture Center. Amongst those politicians were: Presidents of France, Mexico, Israel, Czech Republic and Moldova. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Prime Ministers of Canada, Australia, Romania, Israel and Georgia, Secretary of State, Senators and Congressmen of the USA, the Secretary General of UN, the Director General of UNESCO, the mayors of Montreal, Ottawa and New York.

   The Project makes its priority to unite cultures and help them intercommunicate. Also its priority is an active resistance to terrorism and chauvinism, as main threats in the XXI century.

  Creative idea of the Project “Allies of the Great Victory. Musical story.” is a performance, in which world famous jazz musicians from Russia, USA and Europe will present a program including popular hits of 1940-50s, which helped our natives to go through ordeals of the war. A significant part of this performance will be presented by the Multi-Media content with unique documentary footage and the best samples of the famous movies of that times created in Russia, the USA and Europe.

 Participants: Jazz Band of Igor Butman (Russia-USA), soloists: Mireille Mathieu (France), Allan Harris (USA), Sanya Kroitor (Israel), Yakov Yavno (USA), Mikhail Gluz (Russia), Polina Zizak (Russia) and other celebrities.

  Script writer, stage director, artistic director, of the Project, Merited Artist of Russia, Professor Irina Goryunova. General producer of the Project,  People`s artist of Russia  Mikhail Gluz.                                                          

  We believe that this Project is extremely important today not only as a tribute to our common history; it could also help to unite our contemporaries and to reach mutual understanding between them.


 Official Press-Release of the Gala-Concert 

 Concert presentation in official calendar of UNESCO