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March, 2018
May, 2016
October, 2015

The document is distributed to delegations of the 195 member countries of UNESCO

(Cultural heritage, freedom of expression, interfaith relations, the right to education, activities of sport and scientific institutions, criminal cases)

 Analytical note in Russian (original)


23 October 2015
May, 2013
on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the celebration of the 1150th Anniversary of the Cyrillic Alphabet
30 May 2013

at the gala-concert on the occasion of the 1150th anniversary of the of the creation of the Cyrillic writing system (Paris, UNESCO Headquarters)

30 May 2013
September, 2012

on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the exhibition “100 years at the Service of Art and International Cooperation” (UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, 3 September 2012)

3 September 2012
on the occasion of the exhibition “100 years at the service of Art and International Cooperation- Tribute to the Centennial of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts” Delivered by Assistant Director General for External Relations and Public Information, Mr Eric Falt UNESCO, 3 September 2012
3 September 2012
November, 2011

36th session of the General Conference of UNESCO Special Plenary Session Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity

2 November 2011
October, 2009
Draft of the Declaration of Principles relating to Cultural Objects Displaced in Connection with the Second World War
27 October 2009