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December, 2020
October, 2015

The document is distributed to delegations of the 195 member countries of UNESCO

(Cultural heritage, freedom of expression, interfaith relations, the right to education, activities of sport and scientific institutions, criminal cases)

 Analytical note in Russian (original)


23 October 2015
May, 2013
to the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 13th International Likhachov Conference Academician A.S.Zapeso
17 May 2013
October, 2011

36th session of the General Conference of UNESCO Leaders Forum “How does UNESCO contribute to building a Culture of Peace and to Sustainable Development?“

26 October 2011
March, 2011
at the Inauguration Ceremony of the Exhibition “Women of Kyrgyzstan for Peace and Tolerance” on the occasion of the visit to UNESCO of Her Excellency Ms Roza Otunbayeva, President of the Kyrgyz Republic,
3 March 2011

at the International Forum “Towards Cultural Rapprochement and Tolerance” on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the destruction of the Buddha statues in the Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan, UNESCO

2 March 2011
September, 2010

UNESCO Future Forum Gender Equality: The Missing Link? Rethinking the Internationally Agreed Developments Goals beyond 2015

9 September 2010