Address by Permanent Delegate of the Russian Federation to UNESCO


Address by Permanent Delegate
Of the Russian Federation to UNESCO
Eleonora Mitrofanova
To website visitors

Dear friends!

UNESCO has traditionally been and remains one of the most famous and popular international organizations of the UN system in Russia. Its aspiration to high humanistic ideals and objectives, the commitment to the consolidation of peace in the minds of people have always been highly valued in our country.

On our website we will post about concerned and joint work of Permanent Delegation of the Russian Federation to UNESCO in Paris, the National Commission for UNESCO of the Russian Federation (Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the Office of the Organization in Moscow for UNESCO's priorities.

We will also present a unique nationwide infrastructure of international cooperation with UNESCO that brings together federal and regional authorities, non-governmental organizations, Russian Academy of Science and other academic structures, universities, museums, national parks, the media and schools.

We will share with you information on new interesting projects of UNESCO focused on Russia, everyday legal and cultural life of big UNESCO and Permanent Delegation.

Have a pleasant and useful browsing.

E.V. Mitrofanova
Permanent Delegate of the Russian Federation
To UNESCO in Paris