19 ноября 2011

Message of Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General, to the participants of the Celebration meeting dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Mikhail Lomonosov

Dear members of the Celebration meeting,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today I’m glad to congratulate Moscow State University, all its professors, employees, present and graduated students in many countries of the world with 300th anniversary of the great Russian scientist Mikhail Vasilievitch Lomonosov. His contribution to the development of the world science, culture and education is so enormous and important in various fields of knowledge - from physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, meteorology and navigation to Russian history and grammar, political economy and demography, - that volume and encyclopedic character of his discoveries and research evoke at present and will evoke astonishment and esteem of many generations to come.

According to the decision of the 35th session of UNESCO General Conference this significant date was included in the List of anniversaries of humanity and today it is celebrated worldwide.

Mikhail Vasilievitch Lomonosov was one of the originators of the world process of knowledge exchange, the process which nowadays is becoming global. It was he who introduced to Russia the most significant foreign scientific theories, appraised their strong and weak aspects, and in his turn he shared with the world scientific society original ideas and achievements of the Russian science.

Having brought forward a project of creation of Moscow University which was founded in 1755 Mikhail Vasilievitch Lomonosov today could rightfully be proud of his creation. With a motto “Science is a clear knowledge of truth, enlightenment of the mind” the University has become one of the acknowledged centers of the world science and education. It is in the list of the world leading universities.

During my visit here on 9th September I as UNESCO Director-General I had the pleasure to note the high level of our cooperation, a real contribution of the University to the advancement of the ideals and principles of UNESCO in science and education, successful realization of joint projects, in particular, of a new project of UNESCO chair at the faculty of global processes which we opened solemnly with rector V.A.Sadovnichij.

At the same time I had the honour of becoming an honorary professor of the MSU. Feeling myself a member of a big university family I wish this unique educational institution on the 300th anniversary of its founder Mikhail Vasilievitch Lomonosov new spectacular achievements in the name of further development of the world science and education.

Irina Bokova