29 июня 2011

Russian Foreign Ministry opens accounts on the social network “Twitter”

Today, the Foreign Ministry has launched two of its Twitter accounts in the Russian MID_RF and English MFA_Russia languages.

In the news blogs the MFA will provide information on the most significant events in international life and publish announcements of events involving the leadership of the Ministry.

The main objective is to make our foreign policy assessments understandable and accessible and to arouse the interest of the audience in Russia’s foreign policy activities.

The MFA accounts are meant for a fairly wide audience: it’s, above all, members of the media and young people interested in what’s happening in the world. The new resource will also be useful to the Russians who are overseas (on tourist tours, vacation, business trips, and so on). Subscribers will be able to receive alerts to their phones and communicators about emergencies in their countries of sojourn.

Please note that the other accounts positioning themselves as “MFA accounts” have no relationship to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.