21 июля 2010

On the Participation of Russia in the Restoration Work on Four Monuments of Orthodox Architecture included in the UNESCO World Heritage List

The Government of the Russian Federation has taken decision to make a voluntary earmarked contribution of US$2 million to UNESCO in 2010-2011 for the financing of the work on the restoration of Orthodox shrines in the territory of Kosovo province, the Republic of Serbia. This decision was taken in the spirit of UN Security Council Resolution 1244 on Kosovo and within the framework of the international campaign launched by UNESCO to provide humanitarian assistance to the Republic of Serbia in restoring and preserving its cultural monuments damaged during the hostilities. By arrangement with the Serbian side and UNESCO, the work will be carried out on four monuments of Orthodox architecture included in the UNESCO World Heritage List (the Pec Patriarchal Monastery, Decani Monastery, Gracanica Monastery and the Church of the Virgin Leviska). This decision will also serve as a contribution of Russia to the implementation of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention in terms of helping to preserve unique monuments of Orthodox culture having historical significance for the entire world community.